A very personal Funeral Service


Every person deserves an individual ritual when she or he has to say goodbye to this life.

When a loved and close person dies, the family and friends have to create a funeral service within very little time – a ceremony that corresponds to the style and faith of the dead person and of the family and close friends.

Where can we find immediately a professional person who can lead a funeral service when the dead person or the family are not close to a Church or a certain religion?

As a former catholic priest, I am familiar with the traditional rituals. But I perform funeral services with texts, music and rituals that correspond to your convictions and beliefs. Je vous donnerai des propositions, et c'est vous qui décidez les lieux, les textes, la musique et les rituels.

I am looking forward to creating the funeral service with you !

With my kindest regards


Lukas Niederberger
079 - 755 25 90



Ritual and Preparations: CHF 150.- per hour

Travels: CHF 80.- per hour
Travel costs: public transport, 2nd class